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   In a legal sense, real estate and real property refer to the interest that one can hold in, for example, a house, an office building, a condominium or even vacant land.  To learn about legal issues typically faced by buyers and/or sellers of real property, check out the Fountain of Law’s Overview for Buyers and Sellers.  You can also find a variety of other real estate resources on our Real Estate Links page.

   For more localized information related to real estate law in Illinois (e.g., Chicago & surrounding areas) and New York (e.g., NYC & surrounding areas), click one of the links below:

Chicago & Surrounding Areas

NYC & surrounding areas (Coming Soon!)

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Links


An Overview for
Buyers and Sellers

of Real Estate


Chicago Real Estate Attorney’s Checklist for Buyers


Chicago Real Estate Attorney’s Checklist for Sellers

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