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Obtaining Permanent Residence

in the U.S. for an

Overseas Family Member

NOTE:This article is intended to be a brief summary of law only, parts of which may or MAY NOT be applicable to your situation.While an effort is made to keep this info. up-to-date and accurate, this article was not written with your situation in mind and thus DOES NOT constitute legal advice.Only an immigration attorney, one familiar with U.S. immigration law, should counsel you in this area.

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Green Card for Overseas Family Member

Forms Required

Permanent Residency - Spouse

Permanent Residency - Parent


Other Documents Required for Green Card

Residency Status

U.S. Citizenship Status

Family Status

Marriage Status

Financial Qualifications


Costs of Applying for a Green Card


Where to File Green Card Documents

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A Sample Plan for Maintaining U.S. Permanent Residency While Overseas


Role of the
Immigration Attorney

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Additional Documents Required


Documents Evidencing
Financial Qualifications

(Must show yearly income of at least $15,150)

    3 years of sponsorís U.S. federal income tax returns, and

    Proof of sponsorís current employment or self employment (e.g., letter from employer), and

    Proof of assets (must be at least five times the difference between sponsorís yearly income and $15,150), such as an official bank statement, letter from bank, etc.

- and/or -

If green card holder sponsors, but uses U.S. citizen household memberís income information to qualify (i.e., the U.S. citizen household member also files I-864):

    3-years of U.S. citizen household memberís federal tax returns, and

    Proof of U.S. citizen household memberís current employment, and

    Proof of U.S. citizen household memberís assets (must be at least five times the difference between the sponsorís yearly income and $15,150), such as bank statement, official letter from bank, etc.


Documents Evidencing

    Copy of sponsorís U.S. passport,


    Official copy of sponsorís U.S. birth certificate, and

    Copy of sponsorís Social Security card.

Documents Evidencing
Family Status

    Copy of sponsorís birth certificate showing names of both parents, and/or

    Copy of parentís marriage certificate, and/or

    Documents proving divorce if parents had previous marriage(s)

Documents Evidencing
Financial Qualifications

    3 years of federal tax returns, and

    Proof of sponsorís current employment (e.g., official, authorized letter from employer).

Cost Involved

Filing I-130 = $130, check or money order.

Where to File


(For other states, see our
Immigration Links, or ask your immigration attorney to prepare and file the documents for you.)


Illinois:†††††††† USINS Nebraska Service Center

P.O. Box 87130

Lincoln, NE68501-7130


New York:††† USINS Vermont Service Center

75 Lower Welden St.
Saint Albans, Vermont 05479


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